Alex Trofimov
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Seeking an full time position in IT offering a variety of responsibilities related to Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) and/or Web 2.0 January 2011
University of California, Santa Cruz
Master of Science, Computer Science, Baskin School of Engineering
 - Studying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
 - Working with professor Warmuth Manfred
 - GPA: 4.00 (40 units)
09/2009 - Present
University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Science, College of Engineering
 - Major in Computer Science (EECS/IV)
 - Minor in Demography
 - Overall GPA: 3.34 (162 units, 120 required)
 - Latest GPA: 3.90 (36 units)
08/2005 - 05/2009
Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles
 - Took Math and CS classes
 - GPA: 3.68 (34 units)
08/2004 - 08/2005
During High School
Fairfax High School, Los Angeles
 - GPA: 4.12, 5th in a class of 697
 - Very High Honor Roll (x8)
 - Perfect Attendance (x6)
 - Track (Long Distance, 1 and 3 miles) and High Jumps
09/2001 - 06/2005
Teaching Assistant, School of Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz
 - Worked with Professor Dilbert Bailey in Programming
 - Worked with Professor Paulo Franca in Computer Literacy
 - Supervised more than a hundred students
 - Ran laboratory sections, taught lessons and graded assignments
09/2009 - Present
Junior Developer, Clicktime.com Inc.
San Francisco, CA
 - Worked on image upload to Amazon S3
 - Integrated lightboxes into existing pages
 - Made a site-wide and targeted, real-time notification system
 - Worked with JavaScript and extJS framework
 - Coded in ASP.NET (C#), ASP and TRANS-SQL
 - Improved UI and worked with legacy code
04/2010 - 09/2010
Senior Residential Computing Consultant, RSSP-IT
University of California, Berkeley
 - Worked with people of different levels of expertise
 - Worked with students, faculty and outside parties
 - Wrote documentation, trained new RCCs and helped senior staff
 - Worked with PCs and Macs, laptops and desktops, soft and hardware
 - Provided technical support over phone and e-mail
08/2007 - 09/2009
Security Monitor, RSSP
University of California, Berkeley
 - Kept residential halls premises safe and secure, patrolled ground floor
 - Acted as first point of contact for residents to RSSP staff and services
02/2006 - 05/2007
Overnight Staff, Abercrombie & Fitch Co
Los Angeles Flag Store, The Grove, Los Angeles
 - Restocked the store over night
06/2006 - 09/2006
Marketing Research Assistant, Nielsen NRG
Nielsen Ratings Research Group, Los Angeles
 - Conducted studies on entertainment preferences
 - Worked with a diverse group of coworkers
06/2004 - 06/2005
Image Orientation Classification
 - Compared different features and algorithms
 - Tried Color Presence, HAAR and EDH features
 - Compared linear boosting variants with SVMs
 - Experimented with orientation with more than 4 orientations
Masters Thesis
In Progress
FaceBook based Virtual Surroundings
 - Extracted location and scenery information from Facebook
 - Light natural language processing
 - Output Inform 7 code
 - Used Facebook API (FQL) through PHP
Interactive Narrative
CS248, Winter 2010
Discrete Binary Bayesian Network Tools
 - Implemented Bayesian Networks in a functional language
 - Designed a language called BNQL
 - Produced pattern-parsed command line interface
 - Programmed in Haskell
Program. Languages
CS203, Winter 2010
Adaptive Online Disk Spin-Down Timeout Tuner
 - Worked on a Discrete Optimization problem using Expert Framework.
 - Master Algorithm with Variable Weights Share on Update.
 - Work done in Matlab
Machine Learning
CS242, Fall 2009
PacMan Agent
 - Wrote a PacMan agent to outsmart the ghosts.
 - Used Bayesian inference, alpha-beta pruning and particle-filtering.
 - Written in Python
Artificial Intelligence
CS188, Fall 2008
Inverse Kinematics
 - Wrote an Inverse Kinematics solver for an arbitrary joint structure.
 - Output was a hand typing on a keyboard
 - Virtual hand mirrored real-time input
 - Implemented using C++/OpenGL.
Computer Graphics
CS184, Fall 2008
Pyth(on) Parser
 - Took Pyth (subset of Python) files as input
 - Passed through grammar and lexicon in JBison/JFlex
 - Returned Abstract Syntax Trees (AST)s
CS164, Spring 2008
Cell Phone Modules
 - Programmed two CaLinx FPGAs to function as cell phones
 - Random Number Generator using Linear Feedback Shift Registers
 - FIFO buffer interfacing AC97 Codec
 - WiFi 801.11a Packet packager
 - User Interface outputting in NTFS format
 - Programmed in Verilog
Digital Design
CS150, Fall 2006
Quick Learner, especially with computer-related technologies
Possess good organizational and prioritizing skills
Good Knowledge of:
My favorite programming language
Wrote dynamic pages. Worked on Clicktime.com UI in JS.
Create validating web-sites in spare time
Separate all design and layout of my sites using CSS 2.1
My language of choice for web programming is PHP 4
A lot of exposure in database class. Use here and there
Familiarity with:
Programmed for Clicktime.com in .NET (2010)
Coded Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms in it for a class (2010)
Large portion of academic work done in MatLab (2009)
My language of choice for programs under 20 lines (2008)
Worked on various projects at UCB. Not a fan (2008)
Built a ray tracer and a UI for a program in it (2008)
Facebook API
Mined user profiles and compiled filters for small projects (2010)
Wrote a packet forwarder, sniffer and filter in JNetPCap (2009)
Wrote command line Bayesian Network Tools in it (2010)
Created grids and forms for Clicktime (2010)
Exposure to:
Basic stuff: removed/added objects, worked with layers (2009)
Made ninja fighting animation(2005)
Programmed in SunOS and Ubuntu (2007)
Designed a couple of scenes for a short clip (2006)
Wrote a simple site running on MySQL (2008)
Wrote a game and a chat room in Flash (2005)